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  • Is STiL open and operating?
    Yes, absolutely! And we are so thankful to be busy during this unprecidented time. Thank you to all of our wonderful customers who keep us afloat! We are located at TradeSpace in Calgary, 4030 8th St. SE. Please email to arrange a visit.
  • Is STiL pricing affected?
    At the moment, our Canadian Supplier of our True Wood Collection has had to close thier doors due to Covid. Thankefully we are able to get the same materials, but have to order from the US so our pricing has been affected and our per sheet price has increased by $70.00/sheet. Delivery surcharges for materials may be a factor, but so far we have not had to deal with this.
  • Has Ikea been affected?
    Yes! One of the largest companies in the world is also facing challenges due to Covid-19. Although things change daily, here is what we've experienced: -Deliveres are difficult to arrange or are scheduled 2ish months away. -Click & Collect is often at capacity. -Some items are out of stock and have to be placed on backorder. -Although there is a line-up, in-store shopping is the best option at this time.
  • Choose your STiL
    With STiL you have a wide variety of products to select from to make it your own. Our European style fronts allow you to choose a single material or choose a combination of different finishes to create your perfect kitchen that matches your STiL.
  • STiL fronts are of the highest quality
    All of STiL’s fronts are made with a premium grade ¾” MDF core, whereas IKEA fronts are made with a ½” particle core. Using a solid MDF core improves the stability of the fronts to avoid warping or twisting.
  • STiL has options...Great options!
    STiL doesn’t want to overwhelm you with options. We have weeded through the thousands of finishes out there in the world and carefully selected a number of options that are of the highest quality and best looking. They are timeless, beautiful and will last your lifetime!
  • STiL has more options for fillers, gables and panels "
    Sorry IKEA, we’ve got you beat in this department! STiL has put a lot of effort into providing options to add those finishing touches to get the truly built-in look. -STiL’s panels come in a variety of sizes to avoid seams and if we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, we can build it for you. -STiL’s True Wood and Simply Raw Collection have 1 ½” gable options -STiL’s corner fillers sit flush with the doors -STiL’s end filler pieces sit flush with the doors -STiL can provide you with filler pieces around fridges and ovens that match your selected front. -STiL’s toe kicks are available in all of our front finishes and can be glued and nailed to Ikea’s toe kick to take advantage of IKEA’s base legs. Alternatively if you use plywood bases you can attach our kicks directly to that. -STiL has a riser that can be used to complete a truly built-in look with a filler piece that can be scribed tight to the ceiling.
  • STiL Reveal - It’s all in the details and STiL pays attention to them!
    STiL Reveal is a detail that provides a polished look between your cabinets and counters. It is a product we’ve designed to allow your counters to float off of the cabinet fronts with a ½” finished edge reveal. This is a great option if you’re wanting your counters to be flush with the front of your cabinet fronts. STiL Reveal replaces the metal support brackets for the installation of solid surfaces. Countertop companies love them because it provides a much more solid substrate for the counters to sit on.
  • Customize with STiL
    If we don’t have the exact piece you’re looking for, we can build custom pieces for you in all of STiL’s materials to match your fronts. Send us a note with your kitchen order and we’ll be happy to help. Decorative panels, desk areas, open cabinets, open shelving units, open wine storage… the options are endless! STiL can custom build a cabinet to fit that trouble spot in your kitchen. If you’re unable to find the perfect fitting cabinet from what’s available at IKEA send us a note and we’ll be happy to help build one for you that’s the perfect fit. Would an open cabinet be the perfect touch to express your STiL? STiL can custom build a doorless cabinet out of the same material as your fronts. Send us a note and we’ll work out the details.
  • STiL comes ready to install
    Our fronts come pre-drilled in the same way that all IKEA fronts are. Installing STiL fronts is the same process as installing IKEA fronts.
  • STiL has floating shelves
    Floating shelves are a great way to add an interesting element to your kitchen and display those unique pieces that shouldn’t be behind doors. STiL offers 1 ½” floating shelves at varying different lengths in our Recon, True Wood and Simply Raw Collections.
  • STiL “Bookmatches” (also known as “sequence-matches”) its wood fronts
    STiL does it’s best to bookmatch all wood fronts with variations in the grain. Bookmatching doors is a process of mirroring all of the wood sheets so that the grain lines are aligned from one door to the next. The result… a beautiful flow of grain throughout your kitchen.
  • STiL can build fronts for panel ready appliances
    If you want your kitchen to have the seamless look with hidden appliances, we can custom build panels to fit your selected appliances. Send us a note with your appliance specs and we’ll build the panels you need to fit your appliances.
  • STiL is made in CANADA
    All of our fronts are made to order and made in CANADA! Great news eh!
  • IKEA offers high quality at a great price point
    IKEA uses the same high end Blumm hardware that is used by most high end cabinet builders. Because they are the largest kitchen cabinet retailer in the world, they’re able to offer better pricing than any other supplier, including STiL! Plus, all of IKEA’s hardware are soft close.
  • IKEA’s modular
    IKEA has perfected the modular components needed to create a beautiful design to fit any space.
  • IKEA’s DIYers
    IKEA is a great option for the DIYers, especially when combined with customized door fronts from STiL.
  • IKEA inserts
    What’s not to love about Inserts (hint: Inserts are drawer and cabinet organizers) IKEA has endless options for inserts to stay perfectly organized! The large variety of mix & match inserts nest perfectly in the SEKTION cabinets, and again at an unbeatable price point.
  • Is STiL affiliated with IKEA?
    We are not affiliated with IKEA, STiL is an aftermarket accessory intended to be combined with the SEKTION cabinetry. IKEA is a Registered Trademark and any mention of IKEA throughout this site is inteded as a reference to IKEA and it's registered Trademark.
  • Want to get going on your order? Great! Let’s do this!
    All of our fronts can be ordered directly through our website. Choose your STiL on our collections page and select the sizes and quantities of doors, fronts, panels, fillers & floating shelves. If you’d like us to put together your shopping list, click on the services page and select from the list of services we provide.
  • How long does it take for delivery?
    We are experiencing delays on material deliveries due to Covid-19 and we appreciate your patience. From the time of purchase, we are expectining a 1-4 week delivery on material and 3-5 weeks for production. If you order your doors at the time of ordering your kitchen, your doors will likely show up at the perfect time… Kitchen is built, flooring is done, counters are in, backsplash is on, painting is done and plumbing is connected. It’s best for the fronts to be the very last items installed to avoid any damage due to any onsite construction.
  • Can I return my fronts?
    Unfortunately no. All of our fronts and pieces are made to order and were made just for you.
  • Will STiL drill for cabinet handles?
    Drilling for cabinet handles is best done on site when all the doors are on and you can layout exactly how you’d like your handles installed. Ikea has a great drilling template that makes the process simple. Here’s the link:
  • Will STiL custom paint fronts?
    Our Simply Raw collection may be the perfect solution for you. We can provide raw MDF doors, drawers, fillers and floating shelves for you. Depending on the level of finish you’d like, you can have them sprayed in a shop or sprayed on site.
  • Can you mix and match Ikea fronts with STil fronts?
    Absolutely! Identify which doors you’d like us to build, delete them from your ikea order and order them through our website.
  • Does STiL have shaker style doors?
    Unfortunately, no. European Style door fronts are what we offer. It’s a timeless style that offers the most stability
  • Does STiL sell cabinet handles?
    We’re working on having a selection of handles to choose from but aren’t quite there yet. If you’d like our help with selecting the perfect handle, we would be happy to. Check out our services page and select how we can best help you.
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