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Our Pure Matte Collection creates livable luxury that is beautiful, durable and timeless. Spaces finished with our Pure Matte Collection are defined by an elegance you can touch. The anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistant surface is produced using the finest quality of materials making living well easy.

Subtle Grey Doors

  • Incredibly Smooth Matte Finish - designed to absorb the majority of light reflection creating a soft appearance and touch. 

    Scratch-Resistant Top Hardcoat - Coextruded top hardcoat scientifically formulated to be the most scratch-resistant acrylic. 

    Anti-Fingerprint - top hardcoat layer has anti-fingerprint properties. 

    Low Maintenance Product - easy to clean with wet microfiber cloth or non abrasive cleaning products. 

    Impeccable Surface Consistency - premium ¾” MDF core material specified for a low surface variance ensures the surface is not flawed or blemished by substrate imperfections.





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