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Our Swiss-made Textured Melamine surfaces are beautifully crafted. If you stroke your hand over the wooden decoration, you can also feel the grain of the motif. Our Textured Melamine Surfaces are extremely durable without the look and feel of industrial-grade finishes.

Not only is the quality of our Textured Melamine of the highest quality, but the environmental credentials are also excellent. The careful product planning, use of renewable energy sources and repeated use of wooden raw material, actively contribute to reducing CO2. 

The wood for our high-quality products comes exclusively from sustainably managed forests. Whenever possible, the FSC and FEFC sustainability certificates are sourced for materials. With the materials being produced in Switzerland, over 80% of the timber requirements come from Switzerland.

Terra Walnut Drawers

  • We use only a premium grade 3/4" MDF with a higly dense core to increase stability. Our MDF has a smoother finish than most to achieve a high level of paint grade finish. Our fronts are then edge taped with a maple vineer to ensure the MDF edges are properly sealed. 





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